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Social and Environmental Responsibility

An increasing number of business practices prioritize the compatibility between development and protection of the environment and society. Companies and clients are increasingly concerned with social and environmental sustainability, adopting increasingly common practices and opting for the prevention of damages to the environment and society, prioritizing management behaviors to ensure a better future.


As it could not fail to be, Terrasul Assessoria is engaged in this cause. As a company with ecological values and environmental responsibility in its values, Terrasul Assessoria has a team that still collaborates with a better future for our planet, besides developing its main activities with excellence.


Based on these values, we gathered and decided to direct the waste produced here in the office to the Association of Collectors of Recyclable Materials, ASCAMAR, operating in Natal through the selective collection and whose main objective is to eradicate child labor in waste dumps.


Also, we also instituted the reuse of the back of all printed paper, as well as the practice of remanufacturing of printer cartridges and the adoption of durable individual cups for each employee to reduce the consumption of disposable cups as internal procedures.


With these attitudes, Terrasul Assessoria participates in the environmental cause with the waste recycling, reaffirming the dissemination of environmental awareness and also strengthening the social action of ASCAMAR.