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General View

The best solutions in the customs area and international trade consulting.
Personalized service and complete assistance to assist the customer´s needs and always seeking the best results.

Terrasul Assessoria performs the monitoring and control of the arrival of the goods in the boarding ports, prepares all the specific or required documents, dispatches them according to the legal instructions, guides, and issues an Import and Export license, carries out customs clearance and carries out load monitoring.

It also offers freight, insurance, exchange, export and import credit service, foreign financing, RDE foreign investments, special drawback, temporary admission and other services.

Terrasul Assessoria defends the rights and interests of its assistants before the Ministry of Finance and Customs Offices of the Federal Revenue Secretary together with the other Agencies and intervening parties, with direct jurisdiction in the RN and PE states, and in other regions of the Country through partnerships with companies with the same tradition and suitability, carefully selected.