SISCOSERV is an accessory tax obligation whose acronym was created to designate the name of the Integrated Foreign Trade System for Services, Intangibles, and Other Operations that Produce Changes in Equity.

It is a system developed by the Ministry of Development in partnership with the Federal Revenue Secretary to enable a better measure and control of the Brazilian processes of acquisition and sale of services in international trade.

Thus, the any transaction involving purchase or sale of services, intangible and other operations that produce changes in equity, involving companies or individuals, resident or living in Brazil or abroad, must be registered with SISCOSERV. This obligation does not depend on the place where the service is performed (inside or outside the country).

It is important to note that if the information is not recorded in the system in a timely manner, companies and individuals are subject to fines and penalties.

With this in mind, Terrasul Assessoria sought to train its professionals to assist clients in complying with this important foreign trade obligation. Its team is qualified to work in the whole process, from the analysis of the documentation related to the services provided or purchased from/to abroad, to international freight, to agents’ commissions on exports up to the NBS classification and the accomplishment of necessary declarations records in the SICOSERV System.

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